We are a campus for homeschoolers. Whether you are a veteran or a rookie homeschooler, we exist in effort to support your decision to educate your children. As a mother of four homeschooled children, I have endeavored to create a learning environment where my children could attend classes two days a week to add variety to their learning opportunities. I have sought instructors who are not bound by cumbersome bureaucracy, but free to engage, challenge, and inspire students.


“We welcome  instructors’ willingness to share the task of educating our children, but we realize home is where education begins and ends.”

HomeSchool Campus seeks to support parents and teachers who share the vision of providing quality education without the negative institutional obstacles.  At HomeSchool Campus, we offer comprehensive, core classes in math, language arts, social studies and science, taught by quality instructors who provide structured lessons so that parents are not left wondering if they are on the right track. This is a relief to many parents.  The core classes require participation with the teacher and other students. Some core classes meet twice a week.  Core instruction enforces healthy peer accountability,  organization, and solid work ethic which is vital for any student’s success in future endeavors.

Some parents, however, participate only in the elective classes which generally meet once a week.  Most parents, though, engage in a variety of elective and core classes. As a parent, your student is not locked into an all or nothing approach because you are free to enroll your student in one or many classes depending on your student’s needs.

Whatever path your student takes, you will see that the experience of lively discussions, purposeful assignments,  and fascinating projects will saturate your home with learning and parents will realize the joy of a child who is sharing new knowledge with the whole family. This excitement is at the core of the home school culture, and we are honored to be a small part of that.

Michelle Holiday
HomeSchool Campus OC



The educational options are often limited to private and public schools. Both choices can present challenges for the average family. On one hand, a private education might be ideal for some, but the high cost of tuition makes it out of reach for others. A public school education might be a suitable choice, but many families are seeking alternatives for a variety of reasons such as: personal conviction,  learning styles,  a need for  a  flexible schedule, and an opportunity to be more involved in the student’s education. Home education is such an alternative.  It is our mission to offer high academic opportunities without the time consuming and bureaucratic constraints of traditional education. We realize, though,  the responsibility to home educate can be a daunting proposition without support. The HomeSchool Campus was birthed out of a vision to support the parent/teacher with a campus of independent educators to strengthen and encourage families in their unique calling to home educate.