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In the following information, please note that the term”vendor” also refers to “instructor.” They are one in the same and used interchangeably throughout this website.


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Is HomeSchool Campus a school, PSP or a vendor?

HomeSchool Campus is not a school, PSP nor a vendor, but rather we organize a schedule of classes at a variety of facilities where vendors can come and offer their classes. As such, HSC itself does not accept charter funds, but most of the instructors do. For instructor charter affiliation please refer to “Meet the Instructors” from the main menu, select a campus and click on the instructor’s name. 

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Who can attend classes at Homeschool Campuses?

Any student who is homeschooled, whether through a private affidavit filed through the state, or through a charter school, may participate in classes at HSC campuses. 

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How do I receive FREE classes at HSC?

Enroll in Valiant Prep
HSC’s Top Pick in Charter Schools

For more information: (949) 441-4718


Valiant provides instructional funds that can be used towards classes at HSC
for their students:

$2,800 for TK-8th
$3,200 for high school 
$500 for summer activities

If a student is affiliated with another charter, please check to verify that the class and instructor you are interested in is on your charter’s approved vendor list.

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What are the grade levels of the courses offered at the HomeSchool Campus?

HSC offers high caliber academic classes for students in grades TK – 12. Newer campuses may go up to 9th grade, although it is the intention of HSC to bring you classes through the 12th grade as a newer campus grows. A sense of community is fostered through special events, field trips, and peer interaction and friendships.

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Is my student required to take a full schedule?

There is no minimum nor maximum number of classes that a student is required to take. We have often referred to our learning facilities as “Junior College for Kids” where classes are a-la-carte. Which classes to take and how many to take are the discretion of the parent based on the needs of the student.

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Do classes meet once or twice a week?

Most courses meet once a week. Upper level math, social studies, science and writing classes meet twice a week. The schedule pages indicate whether a class meets once or twice a week (i.e “Wed” or “WedFri”).

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Are classes one semester or two semesters in duration?

Some classes are one semester long, and some are two semesters long. Class duration information can be found in the “view details” section on the “class schedules” page. Each semester meets for a total of 16 sessions.

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Are class tuitions for one or two semesters?

The majority of class tuitions is for one 16-week semester. Although it is rare, on occasion a class will run for 8 weeks and this will be indicated in the “view details” section.

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Can I enroll my student into a class that has already begun?

Yes. If you’d like to enroll into a class after the course has begun, please contact the instructor to insure that there is space available and to allow you to prepare for your student’s first day. The amount of tuition due to an instructor after a class has begun is between each student and that instructor. HSC does not handle any class tuition.

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How do I know if an instructor is approved by my charter school so that I can use educational funds to pay for a class?

Although each course description page contains information regarding a vendor’s charter affiliation, please use due diligence to insure that your charter school has approved a particular vendor and that he/she is still active with your school.

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Will an instructor (“vendor”) accept direct payment if I run out of educational funds or if my student is not a member of a charter school?

If for some reason your charter has not approved a particular vendor for accepting charter funds (like in the case of a faith-based class) OR if you do not have sufficient charter funds to pay for a course, you are responsible to pay the vendor directly. If a student is not enrolled with a charter school, he or she may still participate in the classes by paying the instructors (“vendors”) directly. HSC has no involvement with the payment transaction to the vendor whether the payment is from a charter institution or from you personally.

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Am I required to stay on campus with my students?

You, the parent, bears the ultimate responsibility for your student, his/her education, and his/her safety around the campus. We provide an administrator for the sake of organization and oversight, but we do not supervise your student’s rotation between classes nor do we have a waiting room when a class is finished. Please be considerate in realizing that a child left unattended can be disruptive to other teachers and students who are in class and we cannot replace your direct involvement in helping us to keep the campus running smoothly and successfully. 

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Is there a study room available for my student?

Classroom instruction is given priority for the use of a room, however several of the campuses have either outdoor shaded areas or a room may open from time-to-time for quiet study time. 

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Is there an area where my younger child and I can wait while my older students are in class?

Each of the campuses have a room designated for parents and parents with small children to relax. WiFi is also available at each of the sites although the WiFi signal may vary from campus to campus. Access will be granted upon request. 

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Am I permitted to enroll my student in a class that has a grade level listed that is different than my student’s grade level?

Yes. The posted grade indicates the level at which the course will be taught. In the case of a grade range (i.e. 4th-6th), instructors will usually “teach up” to the highest grade that is listed. To determine if the course will be appropriate for a younger or older student, please contact the instructor directly.

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How can I stay informed about special events at the Campus?

HomeSchool Campus is a strong advocate of building community for homeschooling families. To become informed about our different events offered throughout the year, please subscribe to our HomeSchool Campus Newsletter on this website located through the “Calendars” link from the main menu.

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What are the requirements to participate in classes at the Campus?

Many students who participate in our classes are either members of a charter school or a Private Satellite Program (PSP). 

Your student may participate in classes offered at the campuses if you:

  • Pay the $45 non-refundable registration fee accessible through the HSC website. The “one” fee allows you to take courses at any of the sites.
  • Sign our releases.

Registration goes towards facility maintenance, community development & special events, insurance and administrative costs such as website development and online registration subscription costs. Charter school funds may not be used to pay for registration.

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How do I register and enroll my student in classes?

Registering and enrolling in a course is accessed only through the HSC website. Each family must create an account in order to register and enroll in classes. Registration instructions are provided here. 

Families who are new to HSC and have never set up an account:

Click on the “Sign In” link located on the main menu bar, then click on, “Sign up as a Family,” and follow the provided instructions.
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If I’m using charter funds to pay for a class, can I enroll in that class before I receive my charter funds?

Yes. In order to hold a spot in any class, students are encouraged to enroll at the onset of enrollment opening- even before a student’s charter funds become available (such as in the case of summertime). Each class has a maximum number of students and available seats are on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is therefore advisable to enroll early. 

Class tuition is handled between each student and the instructors (“vendors”). If using charter funds to pay for a class, contact your charter school to determine when your funds become available and follow the vendor payment schedule with your school. If paying for a class out-of-pocket, contact that instructor directly for payment terms.

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Are course tuitions refundable?

Course refunds are at the full discretion of each individual instructor. If the minimum number of students for a class is not met, the instructor for that class will contact you to discuss the options. HomeSchool Campus does not mediate refunds between students and their instructors.

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Who do I contact if I have a question, comment or concern about any of the classes?

All communication can be directed to the instructors regarding the classes. Contact information is provided on each of the “Meet the Instructors” pages.

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Our Policy

HomeSchool Campus is not a PSP, co-op or venue facilitator. HomeSchool Campus’s primary purpose is to inform the public about homeschool courses and venues that may provide parents support in educating their children. HomeSchool Campus does not employ, direct, supervise or manage instructors (“vendors”). HomeSchool Campus is not a landlord or tenant at any venue. HomeSchool Campus is not a party to any implied or express contract between any parent, instructor or venue operator. The parent should not infer that the HomeSchool Campus has: 1) screened any instructor or any venue agent, 2) thoroughly reviewed or approved course materials, or 3) made any determination regarding the safety of any venue. The instructors independently become approved with the individual charters. It is the charter’s job to vet the vendor, and it is the parent’s job to ensure that the student has an interest in the material and a rapport with the instructor. As such, it is the responsibility of every parent and/or guardian to verify whether the course, the instructor and the venue are appropriate and safe for the student. 

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