How to preview the Class Schedule

Step 1: Select “Schedule” from the main menu.

Step 2: Select the Campus from the drop-down list and click the “search” button.
The page will default to a birds-eye view of the first 100 classes offered at that particular campus in order of the class periods.

Step 3: Select a “Weekday” and then click on “submit”. If you wish to narrow your search, select a “Class Type” and/or aClass Subject”. 

Step 4: Click on “View Class Details” to view the class tuition, class description, instructor contact information, and vendor charter affiliation and more.

Registration Instructions and Information

Registering and enrolling in courses through the HSC website is the only way to insure a student’s spot in a class. If a charter student informs his/her charter which classes he/she is taking at an HSC campus, this is not the same as enrolling in those classes directly through the HSC website as we are two separate entities. Students are required to enroll through the HSC website in order to appear on an instructor’s roster and to reserve his/her spot in any given class. Students who have not enrolled through the HSC website will not appear on an instructor’s roster and therefore will not be permitted to attend that class. 

ALL students may enroll in classes when enrollment opens. Even if a student has recently applied to a charter school and is still waiting approval, the student may still register and enroll in order to reserve his/her spot in the class.  

Steps to registering your student and enrolling in classes:

Step 1: Click on “Sign in (Family)” from the main menu, then select, “Sign up as a Family”

All families are required to create an account.

Step 2: Enter your Email and Create a Password

Enter your name, email address, and create a password for your account. 

Step 3: Enter Parent Profile Information

Follow the steps and enter Primary Parent Information, Secondary Parent Information, and Emergency Contact Info. When completed, click on “Update Profile” located at the very bottom of the page.

Step 4: Read and Agree to the Parent Releases

Read the Parent Liability, Media, Medical and Campus Safety Release. Use your mouse to sign and click on “AGREE and Submit Signature”.

Step 5: Add a Student

You will be directed back to your Family Profile. Click on” Add Student”.

Step 6: Enter your student’s information and click on “SUBMIT.”

Step 7: Read and Agree to the Student Releases

Read the Student Liability, Media, Medical and Campus Safety Release. Use your mouse to sign and click on “AGREE and Submit Signature”.

Step 8: Return to Family Profile

After the release has been signed, you will be automatically directed back to Family Profile to add another student or to enroll in classes.

Step 9: Add Another Student or View Students and Enroll in Classes

To enroll in classes, click on “View Students and Enroll in Classes”. 

Step 10: Pay the Per Student Annual $45 Registration Fee 

The $45 Registration Fee covers both 1st and 2nd semester and supplements admin overhead costs such as insurance, website management, and online website hosting. Once the fee is paid your student may attend multiple HSC campuses simultaneously for the price of one registration fee (e.g. the Anaheim site and the Costa Mesa site, etc.)Payment of the fee allows your student to enroll in classes and reserve his/her seat in a particular class. Students who are members of Valiant Prep may use their charter funds to pay for the HSC registration fee.

Step 11: If Using Charter Funds to Pay for a Class, Give Your Charter Your List of Classes

HSC does not collect any class tuition. Class Tuition is handled separately by each individual instructor whether a student is paying personally, or by using charter funds. To determine if a particular instructor has been approved to receive funds by your charter, click on the “view Class Details” link located on the far right side of each class listing. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to view an instructor’s charter affiliation and contact information. 

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